The beginning continues

What you can hear when you listen intently.


    I was walking where I am a forest, a few days ago. The organs in my human body started singing: "I am millions of years in the making, I am born just a second ago". As my feet touched the soil, I remembered what seems to be yesterday: standing up in the savannah of East-Africa and seeing the sun set behind the horizon for the very first time through these eyes. 

   Or back then, before I was a blue marble planet. Before I turned into a small star - "sun" or "helios" or "太陽" - when Time was young and Space still a cradle, when I cooled down into Matter, and dust became hotter and I exploded over and over again to become what is heavier than iron. It's in the wake of those collapses that I turned into a river and the birds that nest on my banks. 

So I was sitting in a classroom, a few days ago. Through the window I could see my crowns reach for the clear sky and my branches dancing to the autumn wind. "Let's see", I thought, "which wonderful new chances the future will bring".

    I was sitting in a classroom, a few days ago. I saw this image of the "tree of life". A representation of my history that this mammal brain can understand.

    "Look how far I have come", I thought, as I remembered the first time dividing into two cells, as I remembered letting in a stranger and lovingly calling it mitochondria. And I imagine again, how it was to become an animal that could regulate its own temperature - what a freedom to take the heat of the sun wherever I moved. For eons now, I have kept the warmth that I received from my mother, and passed it on to my child, a chain that I never had the intention - or the luxury - to break.