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Reconnect retreat (1-7 July '23)

We kindly invite you to the Sekier farmstead in the Slovakian countryside, to take a rest and reconnect to yourself, others and the world around you. There will be space for a different rhythm of life, one of awareness and spontaneity. The program will include sleeping outside in tents or under the naked night sky, taking a break from any mobile devices, preparing simple foods in a communal spirit, daily mindfulness meditation and multiple workshops:

  • daily yin-yoga with a professional instructor (

  • day in the farmstead: garden to plate

  • hammocks and the forgotten art of siesta

  • a new look at nature

  • laziness for beginners: energy in daily life

  • There will be time for participants to propose and choose other activities together.

The food, cooked together in an outside kitchen, will be provided (vegetarian meals). Visitors are expected to bring their own camping equipment and are encouraged to bring only the essentials. Mobile devices will stay turned off; an emergency number through which a visitor can be reached will be provided. The program will be calm and relaxed: entirely suited to bring us home to the present moment.

For questions and to register, please fill the form below. The financial contribution we ask for the full week ranges from €130 to €180, depending on each of your own resources. The nearest village is Zaježová, Slovakia. When you fill the form, we will send you an email with more practical details.

You can find more information about Sekier here:

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